2019 SUMMER GATHERING                   Saturday JUNE 22, 2019  9am-3pm


Grandmaster Christopher  P. Siangco - Derobio Eskrima

Born and raised in Hawaii and a lifetime of martial arts experience, Grandmaster Chris Siangco's martial art influences came from the ones he loved most. As a child, he trained in the art of Panantukan (Filipino boxing) under his Grandfather, Elias "Battling Bolo" Cantere, who was Hawaii's welter-weight champ in the 30's.  Growing up he also trained in the art of Cha 3-Hawaiian Kenpo. He later began training Great Grandmaster Braulio Tomada Pedoy, who is the grandfather of his loving wife Gail. He also holds the rank of Professor (9th Dan) under Grandmaster Julian Blue Generalao, a long time friend and mentor.

In 1992, Great Grandmaster Braulio Tomada Pedoy passed away. This was the catalyst that urged Grandmaster Chris Siangco and family to fulfill the Great Grandmaster's dream of spreading his art. With the blessing of Batikan Eduardo Pedoy the dream took form.


Today the system has grown and a new generation of Eskrimadors carries on the art, Grandmaster and his son Master Chaz keep the dream alive.



Sijo Antwione Alferos

Sijo Alferos has trained since the age of 5 when his father decided it was time to begin. Over the course of his 55 years in the martial arts Sijo Alferos has had the opportunity to train with great teachers like his father Guru Ben Alferos (Corto Mano/Kali), Sensei Joe Walker (Judo), Grandmaster Y.C. Wong (Hung Gar), Great Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong (Five-Family), Uncle Tiny Lefiti (Lima Lama), Chin Ho (Qigong), Grandmaster Tai Lee (Nai-gong) and Grandmaster Ming Lum (Fut Gar).  It is with this culmination of knowledge and influences from  many others that has led Sijo Alferos to form his course of training called the Inner Circle System (ICS)

Guru Gigie Alunday

Guru Alunday martial arts experience began at a young age with training from her older family members.  This training sparked a passion which influenced her decision to pursue a deeper knowledge of the martial arts. Her drive and hard work  for over 25 years has has lead her to train in many styles of martial arts Taekwondo, Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Silat, Kuntao and many different family styles of filipino martial arts. She holds black belts/ teacher ranks in many of the style she trained in. Currently she trains with Sijo Antwione Alferos in his style Inner Circle System (ICS) and holds the title of Guru.