As always, this event will be packed with some of the top instructors in the martial arts. 
Each highly skillful and knowledgeable in the their style and/or system .
Professor James Muro
Professor James Muro has been training and having fun with the martial arts since the age of five. He holds several ranks in the arts, including 8th dan in Hawaii's own Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, 8th dan in Kenpo Karate, 4th dan in Shorinji Ryu, 3rd dan in Judo.All received under the late great Professor John Chow-Hoon. He also received his master's certificate in Decuerdas Eskrima under Grand Master Gilbert Tenio and studied Serrada Eskrima from Professor Juan Eliab Sr.Also known as a healer, Professor Muro is a certified practitioner an d teacher of massage therapy and Seifukujitsu- Okazaki system.

Professor Muro is known for his technical knowledge of the martial arts, he has combined all the various martial arts he has trained in to form a dramatic" island blend" or style of Ku'i Lima (fighting). He is a requested seminar instructor internationally but continues to be a "humble student ".

Grandmaster Christopher  P. Siangco - Derobio Eskrima

Born and raised in Hawaii and a lifetime of martial arts experience, Grandmaster Chris Siangco's martial art influences came from the ones he loved most. As a child, he trained in the art of Panantukan (Filipino boxing) under his Grandfather, Elias "Battling Bolo" Cantere , who was Hawaii's welter-weight champ in the 30's.  Growing up he also trained in the art of Cha 3-Hawaiian Kenpo. He later began training Great Grandmaster Braulio Tomada Pedoy, who is the grandfather of his loving wife Gail. He also holds the rank of Professor (9th Dan) under Grandmaster Julian “ Bluea€ Generalao, a long time friend and mentor.

In 1992, Great Grandmaster Braulio Tomada Pedoy passed away. This was the catalyst that urged Grandmaster Chris Siangco and family to fulfill the Great Grandmaster's dream of spreading his art. With the blessing of Batikan Eduardo Pedoy the dream took form.


Today the system has grown and a new generation of Eskrimadors carries on the art, Grandmaster and his son Master Chaz keep the dream alive.




Sensei Ben Otake

Ben Otake began his martial arts career with the study of judo when he was twelve years old. By the age of fifteen he had also begun his practice of karate. When Kempo pioneer Ed Parker came to Pasadena, Ben became one of his first students. Eventually, Ben moved on to study the Gosoku-Ryu style of karate with Takayuki Kubota.

Ben Otake prefers to be called "Sensei", which means teacher. he feels there is no greater honor than having the opportunity to pass on his skills to others. Sensei Otake has been teaching for over sixty years. He is credited with being one of those who brought karate to Puerto Rico, where he lived from 1967 to 1972.

Along the way, Ben Otake co-founded the Shindokai Association with John Sells, created the Nobutake Strap Baton, and developed "Seido", an innovative form of meditation that makes use of the body's natural "ki".

It was only a matter of time before Sensei Otake was to develop his own martial arts system. It is called "Shin Shin Mugendo" which is translated as Body Mind Infinite Way. Rather than focusing on tournament training, Sensei Otake employed different methods of fighting to create a system that is grounded in reality. 

Sensei Otake, now eighty, still holds weekly classes in Camarillo, California. the students come from a variety of martial arts backgrounds. They train in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation that is highly effective, learning from and helping one-another.

Another definition for sensei is "One who has gone before". It is a perfect term for the leader who is Ben Otake.

These are only a few of the instructors that will be attending
2018 Winter Gathering.
Friday night focus on healing, Saturday focus on the combative side, and Sunday a day with our most prized treasure, the senior instructos and our special VIP.
Sijo Antwione Alferos - Inner Circle System
Sigung Tom Georgion - Georgion Method of Kenpo
Master Shelene Hearring - American Kenpo
Guru Joe Jackson - Stick & Move
Professor Darrel Jones - Kenpo (BKF)
Professor James Muro - Danzan Ryu/Kenpo/Kali
Grandmaster Bill Owens - Blossom Fist
Grandmaster Christopher Siangco- Derobio Eskrima
Maha Guru Cliff Stewart - Pentjak Silat Sera
Sifu Robert Terrence - Blossom Fist
Master Mike Tom - White Lotus
Grandmaster Carl Totton - CORE system
Mataas Na Guru Zach Whitson - Counterpoint Tectical System
Professor Dian Tanaka Whitson - Kenpo/Eskrima
Sijo Douglas Wong - White Lotus
Grandmaster Carrie Wong - White Lotus