"We seek out the similarities and not focus on the differences of our arts"

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WINTER GATHERING    DEC 6-9, 2019   

SUNDAY DAY 12/8/2019    9AM - 3PM
Sunday is dedicated to foundation building in the fundamental principals of our training. Embracing the ideals of MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT,  The classes are taught by members of our Senior Board of Advisors.
Grandmaster Carrie Wong 
White Lotus Kung Fu
White Tiger
Five Family Kung Fu
Kamishin Ryu
 Featured Senior Instructors 
Grandmaster Bill Owens        Guru Cliff Stewart       Sijo Douglas Wong

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The second half of our day is focused on "POINT OF VIEW" during this session you will witness the application of verious styles/techniques to the same scenrio. 
The lessons will be presented by a panel of Senior Instructors representing verious sytles and systems.
 1st Session
2nd Session
 Event located at Host Hotel
Grandmaster Carl Totton 
Tui na
Internal Healing
Five Family-
Kung Fu
Sensei Ben Otake
Began his martial art journey at the age of 12, in judo and karate. When the Kenpo pioneer Ed Parker came to Pasadena, Ben became one of his first students. Eventually ,he moved to Gosoku-ryu karate under Takayuki Kubota.
Ben is the founder of the system
 "Shin Shin Mugendo"
translated as Body Mind Infinite Way
 Additional  Instructors