The Winter Gathering (Wind) is our largest event of the year. Masters and students from all over world meet to once again draw from the well in a 3-day event. The first day is always focused on healing, followed by the next day?s combative study and concluded with the third day, centered on basics as taught by our Grandmasters.
Everyone who has attended the Winter Gathering has experienced something very difficult to put in to words. They have found something they may not have realized they were searching for and been a part of something they may not have known existed.
They have seen true examples of
"Put we before, I."
"Do more for others than you do for yourself."
"Serving those who have served others."
See What Others Thought About Their Experiences

Bellow are listed just a few of past attendies to the Winter Gathering and all of them started with an open mind for learning and saught the simularities and did not focus on the differences.

I have attended every Winter Gathering and overall, I have yet to be disapointed. The Winter Gathering has celebrated 15 years and counting of the sharing and practice of  a variety of martial arts systems with origins from all across the globe. With that in mind, Sijo Antwione Alferos has created what I beleive to be the perfect system to share knowledge, free from the ego's and politics that only get in the way of learning. I have found that every year that I have attended the Winter Gathering I am suprised by the new information in store and am astonished that somehow The Board of Directors and The Advisory Board had found more forms of martial arts to teach.
Isaac Alferos (Padawan)

"It was indeed a time of lessons, memories and friendships. The 10th Winter Gathering established a precedent unmatched in martial art communities. A gathering of diverse martial art talent and mastery under a badge of camaraderie, to share, give, and receive information but most importantly to honor and treasure the spirit of those whose physical presence are no longer with us. What a very special event with a group of extraordinary individuals"
Sifu Robert Terrance
Blossom Fist
"One of the best sources of knowledge in a friendly environment. Every year I get to share my knowledge and learn some new techniques from many of the highly talented martial artists willing to share their experience."
Grandmaster Douglas Wong
White Lotus Kung Fu
"The Winter Gathering is an event that Martial Arts enthusiasts, students, instructors alike will enjoy. The spirit of learning and the passion to share information is priceless. It is so impressive to take a class taught by a living legend of martial arts then in the next session, that same person is your partner learning with you! At the Gathering, you can be exposed to healing, Internal, External, Soft, Hard, Filipino, Capoeria, empty hand and a multitude of weapons .... it's awesome! New networking and long lasting friendships are made at the Gathering. The positive energy is contagious!"
Sifu Michael Tom  
White Lotus System

"We seek out the similarities and not focus on the differences of our arts"

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